The Direct Experts

HISPDirect™ is a cloud-based Direct messaging service, providing secure, reliable transport of patient information, such as referrals, consults, or lab reports to providers or patients.

Meaningful Use State 2 requires an EHR to be Direct enabled certified and for the EHRs customers to receive their meaningful use payments. The three criteria are 

  • 170.314(b)(1):  Transitions of care—receive, display, and incorporate transition of care/referral summaries 
  • 170.314(b)(2): Transitions of care—create and transmit transition of care/referral summaries. 
  • 170.314(e)(1):  View, Download, Transmit to 3rd Party (Ambulatory and Inpatient Settings) 

Integrating Direct with an EHR is fraught with challenges including

  • Staying current with evolving Direct guidance from ONC guidance the policies, standards, and governance.
  • Understanding the requirements for trust infrastructure with other HISPs (FBCA Digital Certificates, Identity Proofing, Trust Bundles, etc) is no small feat
  • Navigating the certification processes related to these criteria
  • Managing the operational aspects as they are still emerging.

HISPDirect - The Easiest Way To Get Certified.

In a matter of days, EHRs can be Direct-enabled with HISPDirect. The underlying protocols of Direct (SMTP, POP, IMAP and XDR/XDM), along with the digital certificate requirements and trust policies can be time- consuming and tricky to implement correctly and reliably. The easiest way to Direct-enable an EHR is to use Nitor's HISPDirect. Our API provides simple interfaces to send and receive Direct messages.

One client went from purchase to passing their certification tests in 2 weeks!

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Using the HISPDirect  is simple. We provide copies of our API, implementation guides and a test environment to validate your integration. Our tech support will answer your questions, and in days you'll be sending Direct-compliant messages.

Certification Guaranteed

HISPDirect has passed certification with other clients, and we’ll ensure you do too. We literally wrote part of “the book” on Direct — and we’ll use that knowledge to make you successful. In fact, we guarantee passing the Direct-based certifications of the Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2) with our HISP offerings.  We’ll guide you through the testing, ensure success by providing:

  • ONC Test Plan based training — so it’s clear what and how to test

  • Test run throughs with the NIST tools — ensuring preparedness

  • HISP Administration and help during testing — so that certification goes smoothly

How can we promise success? We’re Direct experts. We wrote the testing criteria for ONC’s Direct in the MU2 rule, and one of the tools required for certification. Nobody knows Direct the way we do.

Simply Scalable

HISPDirect’s cloud-based infrastructure scales to your needs — from a few accounts to tens of thousands. Our flexible pricing allows you to start small and grow as needs grow. We won’t charge you for accounts you aren’t using yet, and have a variety of hosting options.

Plug and Play

HISPDirect  is the easiest way to put Direct functionality into your product. Why mess with custom coding low-level message protocols. Our API is so easy that you can be integrated with HISPDirect in days! 


We believe integrity and service may be hard to determine in the sales cycle, but are clearly evident when you start implementing. We’ll give you free access to our test environment and support for integrating our API.

Give us a call and we’ll set up HISPDirect test accounts and provide the API for you to try. We’ll have you using Direct in no time. Judge our product first-hand with no risk. We think you’ll be convinced that HISPDirect is the fastest, simplest and most scalable HISP on the market.