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HISPDirect™ is a cloud-based Direct messaging service, providing secure, reliable transport of patient information, such as referrals, consults, or lab reports to providers or patients.

Too often, patient medical information is sent via mail or fax, which results in the delay of the receipt of health information and time and cost to integrate into the recipient's EHR. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT's Direct Project has created standards for the secure push of health information from one entity to another.  Using existing trusted relationships, HISPs provide a simplified way to easily push electronic patient medical information over the Internet without any loss of information.

Fantastic .. or is it? Since ONC's Direct Project is built on secure email standards, generally this solution manifests itself as yet another email account for an organization, provider, or patient to manage. Don't we have enough email addresses already?

Easing Adoption


Technology is suppose to make your job easier, right? But often, getting to the end goal is where projects and initiatives fall short. Nitor Group focuses on helping your organization all the way through the last mile, easing adoption and improving workflow along the way and EHR vendors seamlessly incorporate Direct capability into their products.

Rather than simply providing your staff with another email account to send or receive patient medical information, we provide seamless integration into your existing workflow and EHR forcing technology to carry the brunt of adoption, not your staff. Using tailored adaptors or configured EHRs, Nitor's solution automatically translates the existing outputs of your system and sends them to the selected recipient.  Likewise, when patient information is received by your organization, our products detect the receipt, extract the patient information, and deposit it into your existing system. For instance, a lab result sent to your office can be automatically added to your EHR system along with the associated notification information.

How Can We Help

HISPDirect(TM) securely pushes this patient healthcare information over the Internet directly to another organization, provider or patient. It’s easier than email, standards-based, fast, and is highly adaptable to your workflow. The attributes of HISPDirect(TM) are:

  • Cloud-based  - allows the capacity to start small for pilots and easily scale to a very large HISP infrastructure.  
  • Customizable - RESTful interfaces enable client adapter, integrating with PDs and enterprise buses.
  • Security and Privacy - meets or exceed the Security and Privacy requirements defined by HIPAA regulations.
  • Usable - Nitor has always focused on user experience as a driver for adoption and this has proven valuable to enable last mile Direct usage in our client environments.  Our HISP solution provides a dynamic, intuitive web interface that’s customizable at the sub-domain and organization level.  We provide web application interfaces for specific use cases, and flexible adapters that easily enable EHRs and radiology systems for Direct protocol file exchange.

HISPDirect(TM) Adapters are the backbone of our strategy to get your organization to its business goals. An adaptor is a simple capability added to HISPDirect(TM) that does one small, but specific function. It alleviates any extra steps for your users and enables use of Direct as a seamless integration into your existing workflow with little to no disruption.  There are numerous other opportunities to build adaptors including those customized for a specific workflow. The level of effort to develop a custom adaptor is relatively small, quick, and very cost effective.

HISPDirect(TM) API is the easiest way to add Direct messaging into your EHR or related product.  With a few call to our API, your product can have fully certified Direct functionality to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 exchange objectives.  Our API is an easy to implement library that provides advanced Direct messaging functionality within any product.

The underlying transport protocols of the Direct Project are SMTP, POP, IMAP and XDR/XDM.  These messaging protocols require message management overhead, error handling and auditing which can be time-consuming and tricky to implement correctly and reliably.  The easiest way to Direct-enable an EHR is to use our HISPDirect(TM) API or adapters.  These tools provide simple interfaces to send and receive Direct messages to our HISP.  In a matter of days, EHRs can be Direct-enabled with HISPDirect(TM) API and Adapters.

Let us know your integration system requirements and needs, and we’ll provide you with copies of our SDK or low-load adapters, implementation guides and a test environment to validate your integration.

For more details on our API, download our HISPDirect API Technical Paper.

To learn more, please contact us.